Corporate Registrations in Thailand

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Are you considering or exploring a business opportunity in Thailand? Whether you are a startup or an established company, we can help you find the most suitable business structure in Thailand, register it as well as provide useful legal guidance throughout both registration and operational process.

Structures For Startups

Start a Business in Thailand

Company Registration

Register your business in Thailand smoothly and stress-free. We offer multiple options for foreigners (100% foreign ownership available), professional legal guidance from start to finish and post-registration services including business licenses and more.

BOI Promoted

Ideal for businesses engaging in the promoted activities defined and outlined by The Office of the Board of Investment.

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Thai Limited

Ideal for most business. Not restricted in activities by the FBA and the setup process can be as short as one week.

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Ideal for businesses intending to manufacture their goods in the Kingdom of Thailand and export/sell solely abroad.

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US Treaty of Amity

Ideal for and limited to the nationals of the United States of America. Only minor restrictions apply to the US owners.

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Foreign Business License

Companies with majority foreign ownership looking to operate in certain business activities controlled by the Foreign Business Act are required to apply for the Foreign Business License from relevant authorities prior to commencing its business operation in Thailand.

Structures For Existing Companies

Expand Your Business to Thailand

Representative Office

Ideal for international companies seeking to study Thai market for business development purposes.

Branch Office

Ideal for international companies wishing to expand their foreign head office to Thailand.

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