Company Registration in Thailand

Complete company registration services for getting your company in Thailand registered and operate smoothly.

  • Multiple options for foreigners (100% foreign ownership available)
  • Professional legal guidance from start to finish
  • Post-registration services including business licenses and more

Company Registration in Thailand

Register your business in Thailand smoothly & hassle-free

  • Multiple options for foreigners (100% foreign ownership available)
  • Professional legal guidance from start to finish
  • Post-registration services including business licenses and more

Taking Care of Business Registration

We are in the business of helping you start and run your business in Thailand. Leave the heavy lifting to us – at Umpire Legal, you will never have to touch a legal form. Instead we will collect all the necessary information from you and will help get your business set up for real success.


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Start Your Thai Business Without the Guesswork

Affordable. One-on-one personalised service. No surprises.

Why Register a Company with Umpire Legal

The Right Structure for You

We will carefully evaluate your case and help you choose the most suitable structure for your business.

No Hidden Costs and Surprises

After receiving a full quote, there are no more hidden fees and unexpected surprises hiding around the corner.

Direct and Fast Communication

No intermediaries or slow staff. Our English-speaking lawyers respond promptly and with clarity.

Support Throughout the Process

Have a question or need a copy of a legal document? We are here for you throughout the whole process.

Affordable Pricing

Start a company without breaking the bank. Our pricing is affordable and designed to fit your budget.

No Forms to Fill In

We take the guesswork out of registering a business. You will never have to touch a legal form apart from signing it.

How Registering a Company with Us Works

Registering a company with us is simple. After contacting us by selecting one of the options below (Step 1), we will schedule a business consultation (Step 2) where we gain a better understanding of your business goals, provide a clear explanation of your options and propose the most suitable solution for your business structure and the requirements. Based on the relevant information collected from you, we then prepare the documents and government forms (Step 3) for your signing after which they are sent off to the responsible government authorities for registration. Step 4 - Completion & document handover.

Six Steps of Company Registration in Thailand

Step 1

Reservation of the company name (online)

Step 2

Acquiring a corporate address for the company’s registered address

Step 3

Deciding on the registered capital of the company – this may depend on work permit requirements in case of foreign directors/employees

Step 4

Preparation of the company registration documents including the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association based on the shareholding structure

Step 5

Signing of the company registration documents by all promoters and directors on government forms with the corporate seal affixed

Step 6

Registration of the company with the Department of Business Development through which you will obtain a company registration number or so called Tax ID number, after which the company will be ready to begin its operations.

A Few Words from Our Satisfied Clients

  • Professional and quick action

    I am the owner of SIAM TORQ-ON CO., LTD and we recently setup this Thai branch from the service provided by UMPIRE LEGAL. Due to their professional and quick action, we managed to get the new company registered quickly and started smoothly. I would recommend anyone who need this type of good legal firm and business partner without hesitation. Good work Simi and thanks so much for your 5 star services!!!
    Harry Soh

    Siam Torq-on Co., Ltd.

  • Highly recommended

    Together with my two partners we have dealt with Umpire Legal and more importantly Simi Singhsachthep since its inception. Our company DoorBrella Australia have required legal services in Thailand and have found Simi to be very knowledgable and professional. We were recommended to Simi by a friend and we will highly recommend her in the future. Do not hesitate to call her for advice.
    Mick Ferreri

    DoorBrella (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

  • Responsible and speedy

    As a client of Umpire Legal with Simi as the account manager/lawyer, I managed to set up my Thai company and obtained bank minutes quickly and my questions are always met with detailed answers and explanations, and in full English. I would highly recommend Umpire Legal for any foreigners who wish to have professional, responsible and speedy legal services in Thailand.
    Ronnie Koo

    E-Score (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

They really provided expert assistance!

We have been using the services of Umpire legal to incorporate the company in Thailand with certification of the Board of Investment. I found Umpire Legal to be very responsive and clear about the difficult and time consuming process. They helped us through multiple interactive sessions to ensure that all questions were adequately addressed. They really provided expert assistance!
Chris Puype

Empyrean Solutions APAC Co., Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a business idea and would like to find out my options for the company registration. What should I do next?

Contact Umpire Legal with your business plan and together we can explore the options to conclude the type of legal entity that would be most suitable for your business registration. There are several options available, you can consider the registration of a company as a Thai entity, as a foreign entity or even apply for investment promotion from the BOI.

I am a foreigner and wish to do business and work in Thailand, what are my options?

As a foreigner, there is a requirement for you to obtain a work permit and a valid visa when working or doing business in Thailand. The work permit and visa must be supported by the company in which you are holding a position, either as a director, manager and/or employee. The said company must comply with some basic requirements concerning amount of registered capital and hiring of local employees.

If I choose to register a limited company, what information and documents will I be required to provide?

You will be required to send us your preferred company name, list of intended business activities, details of the directors shareholders, and shareholding structure as well as details of the address at which your company will be registered.

How long does the registration process take and when can I start operating my business?

The duration for registration depends on the nature of your business and your promptness in providing the requested information. A company can be set up in 1 - 2 weeks but the application of foreign business license can take up to 3 - 4 months.

Can I use my overseas address or apartment in Thailand for the registered address?

No, the address used for your business registration must be in Thailand. An apartment or condominium unit is generally not accepted as a registered address since they are usually strictly for residential purposes. There are several documents to be provided by the legal owner of the company's registered address to evidence ownership of the property and consent for your business registration at the said address.

Do I need to evidence the injection of funds for the registered capital?

If you are registering a limited company with registered capital of no more than 5 million Baht, you do not need to evidence the capital injection to the Department of Business Development in most cases. However, the shareholders may sometimes be requested to evidence the funding through a certification letter issued by the bank. For foreign companies holding a foreign business license, promoted by the Board of Investment or operating a branch or representative office, evidence of capital injection is always necessary.

Is it simple to open a bank account for the business?

It is fairly straightforward to open a corporate bank account with a local bank for your business once registered. The bank will require a set of minutes of the board meeting to approve the opening of the corporate account with details of the signing authority and requirements, along with the business registration documents and identification documents of the shareholders, directors and authorized signatories to the bank account. You will also be required to fill out several forms at the bank when opening the corporate account. Do note that some banks require foreign directors to be holding a work permit before they will permit the use of certain services such as online banking on the corporate account.

What are the ongoing obligations to maintain the business?

Once the business is registered, you will be required to submit withholding tax and VAT filings with the Revenue department and pay social contributions for your employees with the Social Security Office on a monthly basis (where applicable). You will also need to ensure that proper bookkeeping records are maintained in order for an auditor to sign off on the financial reports which must be submitted to the Revenue department and Department of Business Development annually. There are other obligations to learn about such as filing the half year report, making payment for the workmen's compensation, submitting relevant reports to the authorities such as for companies promoted by the Board of Investment, and so forth. In case of a foreigner holding a work permit and visa, permit and visa must also be renewed prior to the expiration dates.

How much does it cost to register a company in Thailand?

The final price depends on your selected business structure and a host of other factors, such as the amount of registered capital, number of foreign employees etc. It will be determined at the business consultation after we gain a proper understanding of your needs

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Structures for Startups

BOI Promoted

Ideal for businesses engaging in the promoted activities defined and outlined by The Office of the Board of Investment.

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Thai Limited

Ideal for most business. Not restricted in activities by the FBA and the setup process can be as short as one week.

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Export/Manufacturing Company

Ideal for businesses intending to manufacture their goods in the Kingdom of Thailand and export/sell solely abroad.

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US Treaty of Amity

Ideal for and limited to the nationals of the United States of America. Only minor restrictions apply to the US owners.

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Structures for Existing Companies

Representative Office

Ideal for international companies seeking to study Thai market for business development purposes. Learn More

Branch Office

Ideal for international companies wishing to expand their foreign head office to Thailand. Learn More

Unsure About the Right Structure for Your Business?

Post-Registration Services

Our services extend beyond company registration. We here to help you every step of the way, whether it is making changes to company documents, acquiring necessary licenses or immigration matters.

Company Changes & Compliance

  • Drafting Minutes
  • Changes to Company Documents
  • Company Dissolution

Business Licenses

  • Import/Export License (Paperless)
  • E-Commerce License
  • Restaurant – Food & Alcohol Licenses
  • Licenses to Import Alcohol
  • Hotel License
  • Recruitment License
  • Tourism License
  • Publishing License
  • Factory License
  • School License

Immigration Matters

  • Work Permit
  • Non-Immigrant Business Visas
  • BOI Work Permits & Visas
  • Other Non-Immigrant Visas