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Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangkok

Change of Company Name

It is a given that a business will go through several changes throughout its lifespan. These changes could be relating to the types of business it engages in, where it is located, who is leading or owns the business, and so forth. One such change is to the company name – this could be an isolated change for a small rebrand, or part of a larger set of changes that comprises changing the industry it operates in as well.

To update your existing company name and logo, you will need to go through several steps:

  • Choosing a new company name that hasn’t already been registered or reserved with the Department of Business Development; and reserving this new name.

  • Designing a new company logo that contains the full company name (i.e. including the preferred suffix, such as ‘Co., Ltd.’) and then issuing a new corporate seal (stamp) with this logo.

  • Amending the Memorandum of Association, which involves publishing a newspaper announcement, preparing Board of Directors Meeting Minutes in regard to the name change, etc.

  • Registering the change of the company name with the Department of Business Development, which includes requesting updated forms, providing the director’s ID, amended Memorandum of Association and so forth.

  • Once the Department of Business Development has confirmed the change and issued company documents reflecting the new name, registering the change with all other government bodies the company is affiliated with, such as the Revenue Department and Board of Investment. All these departments will require the submission of their own forms for the change of name to be registered.

Addressing the needs of our clients, Umpire Legal can assist with the entire process of changing the company‘s name with government bodies the company has been registered with, including but not limited to the Department of Business Development, Revenue Department, Social Security Office, Customs Department, and the Board of Investment. Feel free to get in touch with us to request a quotation for our services.

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