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Export/Manufacturing Company

There are several benefits and requirements associated with operating an export or manufacturing company in Thailand. We can help you understand the details, guide you through the registration process and set you on the right path to your business success.

Export/Manufacturing Company

Export/manufacturing company is an ideal structure for businesses intending to sell their goods solely abroad. Even though the registration procedure is the same as the process for any other limited company, this structure offers one exceptional privilege - the possibility of a 100% foreign ownership.

Overview of an Export/Manufacturing Company

Foreign Ownership

Up to 100%

Capital Requirements

2 million THB in registered capital to support each foreigner’s work permit

Tax Rate

Regular progressive corporate income tax rates

Foreign Business License

Not required since these activities are not restricted to foreigners under the Foreign Business Act

Business Restrictions

Source of income limited to export/manufacturing, in case of a fully foreign-owned company

Registration Duration

1 week or less for incorporation (≈ 3 months if a factory license would be required)

Benefits of an
Export / Manufacturing Company


Foreign Ownership

Thailand welcomes foreign investment, particularly businesses that are beneficial to the country’s economy. Unlike the majority Thai limited company, export and manufacturing companies in Thailand can enjoy a privilege of not having to comply with the minimum 51% Thai shareholding requirement, since the Foreign Business Act does not prohibit foreigners from operating the manufacturing or export business activities in Thailand.

In order for foreigners in an export or manufacturing company to hold complete or majority shareholding and rights in a limited company operating the manufacturing or export businesses, there must be no indication or operations of any other business activities when outlining the company’s registered objectives. This means that the company cannot have any source of income other than from the manufacture and export businesses.

Registration Process and Requirements

Export companies in Thailand must register with the Customs department to obtain a paperless import-export license (this requirement also applicable for companies involved in the business of import).

Prior to obtaining this license, the export company should be registered for VAT with the Revenue department and have a corporate bank account in its name in Thailand. Manufacturing companies in Thailand must also check on whether there is a requirement for a factory license, or any other licenses relevant to the manufacturing business. The manufacturing and export companies must apply for all necessary licenses and permissions that may be required for the manufacturing or exporting business, whereby the requirements depend on several factors such as the type of products that will be manufactured and exported out of the Kingdom, and the size of the manufacturing and exporting operations.

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