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Foundation & Association in Thailand

Are you looking to register a non-profit organisation in Thailand, but are unsure about the kind of legal structure that would be most suitable for your cause? We can expertly explain to you the differences between a Foundation and an Association as well as provide further information on the registration requirements.


Foundations in Thailand are as described in the Thai Civil and Commercial Code as juristic persons set up to support charity, religion, science, art, literature, education or any public interest. The Ministry of Interior has prescribed the rules and regulations that apply to the establishment of a Foundation in Thailand.

Establishing a Foundation in Thailand

The initial investment requirement for a Foundation is at either 250,000 THB or 500,000 THB depending on the objective for which the Foundation is being incorporated, whereby part of the investment must be evidenced in cash while another part may be evidenced in the form of assets.

Foundations in Thailand are set up for non-profit purposes so none of the parties involved can benefit from its profits or donations, which must be used in meeting the objective for which they are established. As Foundations in Thailand can accept donations from the general public, they can issue tax receipts.

A minimum of three individuals are required to form a board of directors for the establishment of a Foundation, all of whom must disclose their personal assets and proof of identifications. The members of the board should hold the following positions: Director, Assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer.

Registration Requirements

The application for establishing the Foundation in Thailand is submitted at the district office where the Foundation has its registered address. The basic documents required for the registration of a Foundation in Thailand are:

  • A list of assets to be donated for the establishment of the Foundation
  • Minutes of a meeting convened for the establishment
  • Regulations of the Foundation
  • Details of the address to be used as its principal address and so forth


An Association in Thailand is set up by a group of individuals for the purpose of conducting any activity with a specified goal that is not contrary to the law and is carried out continuously and collectively, without the objective to share any profit or income arising from such activities.

Establishing an Association in Thailand

There is no minimum investment required to set up an Association in Thailand, but similar to the Foundation, an Association is a Non-profit organisation. A board of directors should consist of a minimum of three individuals and ten members for the incorporation of an Association. The membership fee to join an Association may be payable only during initial registration or monthly/annually as is decided by the board.

The application is submitted at the district office where the Association has its registered address and is further considered by the Ministry of National Culture Commission and any other relevant government organisation as may be necessary. The basic documents required for the registration of an Association in Thailand are:

Registration Requirements

  • Background of the members of the board certified by department level government officials
  • Minutes of a meeting convened for the establishment of the Association
  • Bylaws and regulations of the Association
  • Details of the members of the board and the operation requirements of the Association
  • Details of the address to be used as the principal address of the Association in Thailand and so forth

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