Intellectual Property Registration

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Do you have a business name or logo for which you would like to apply for protection by trademark registration in Thailand, do you have an invention or artistic work for which you will require copyright or patent protection? Umpire Legal offers reliable and prompt intellectual property registration in Thailand, be it for your trademark, copyright, or patent with the Thai Department of Intellectual Property.

When it comes to intellectual property registration, your choice will depend on the type of intellectual property you would like to protect. The three main categories are:

Trademark Registration in Thailand (Under the Trademark Act B.E. 2534)

Trademark registration in Thailand is common for marks used or proposed to be used on or in connection with goods to distinguish the goods with which the trademark of the owner of such trademark is used from goods under another person’s trademark. In order to be able to carry out your trademark registration in Thailand, the logo must be distinctive, not listed as prohibited under the Thailand Trademark Act, and must not be the same as or similar to a trademark registered by another person in Thailand.

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Copyright (Pursuant to the Copyright Act B.E. 2537)

Copyright in Thailand is the exclusive right that grants ownership to the creator of original works of physical expressions of ideas. The copyright protection in Thailand is valid during the entire lifetime of the author and continues for a period of 50 years thereafter. The same protection period is granted to juristic persons who are the owner of the copyright.

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Patents (As Governed by the Patent Act B.E. 2522)

The Thailand Patent Act provides protection for creators of inventions, designs and petty patents in Thailand, whereby the patent is non-renewable after the initial period of protection.

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