Patent Protection in Thailand

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If you are the creator of an invention, design or petty patent, and are interested to protect your intellectual property rights as the legal owner of the patent, please contact Umpire Legal to learn more about the process of registering your patent in Thailand.

Types of Patents in Thailand

The Thailand Patent Act provides protection for creators of inventions, designs and petty patents in Thailand, whereby the patent is non-renewable after the initial period of protection:

  • Invention patent applications must describe the invention of a new product or process, or an improvement thereof, and one or more claims that define the invention. The claims must meet the requirement of novelty and non-obviousness. The protection period is valid for 20 years.
  • Design patents are to protect ornamental aspects or aesthetics of an article including features pertaining to the shape, configuration or pattern, for which the protection is valid for a 10-year period.
  • Petty patents are for new inventions that would qualify for an invention patent, except that they have no strong, technical innovative step involved. The protection period is valid for 10 years.

Non-Eligible Items for Patent Protection

The following items are not eligible to receive patent protection:

  • Naturally occurring microorganisms and their components, animals, plants or extracts from animals or plants
  • Scientific or mathematical rules or theories
  • Computer programs
  • Methods of diagnosis, treatment or cure of human and animal diseases
  • Inventions contrary to public order, morality, health or welfare

Who Can Apply for Patent Protection?

  • Thai nationals or juristic persons having their main office in Thailand
  • Nationals of countries that have reciprocal patent agreements with Thailand
  • Nationals of a country which allows Thai nationals or juristic persons with a principal office in Thailand to apply for patents
  • Nationals of countries which are parties to international treaties or conventions for patent protection to which Thailand is also a party