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What is Treaty of Amity?

American nationals living in Thailand have the privilege of registering their businesses under the Thailand – US Treaty of Amity. The Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand (often referred to as the “Amity Treaty” or “Treaty of Amity”) was established to promote friendly relations between the two countries and to encourage mutually beneficial trade and closer economic and cultural association between their citizens. Pursuant to the Treaty of Amity, American nationals are entitled to certain exceptions on the restrictions laid out in the Foreign Business Act.

Overview of a Treaty of Amity Company

Foreign Ownership

Up to 100% (majority must be US & Thai nationals)

Capital Requirements

Minimum 3 million THB registered capital*

Tax Rate

Regular progressive corporate income tax rates (may need to check Tax Treaty with home country)

Foreign Business License

Treaty of Amity companies are granted the Foreign Business License upon issuance of the Amity Certificate

Business Restrictions

Unrestricted in activities other than a few industries listed below; a license must be requested for certain businesses

Registration Duration

2 months

Why Register Under Treaty of Amity?

Benefits of the Thai-US Treaty of Amity


Foreign Ownership

The Thailand – US Treaty of Amity allows American companies and individuals the following benefits:

  • To maintain complete or majority ownership over their American owned business that are registered in Thailand or in the United States of America under the Treaty of Amity, whether in the form of a sole proprietorship, limited company, branch office or a representative office
  • To receive national treatment which means that American legal entities and individuals are entitled to carry out almost every type of business which are generally prohibited to foreign investors holding other nationalities in Thailand, pursuant to the benefit provided by the Treaty of Amity

Benefits for Existing Companies

The above-mentioned benefits of the Thailand – USA Treaty of Amity do not only apply to newly registered companies. Instead of incorporating a new company, existing US businesses wishing to expand their presence to Thailand are eligible to receive the same rights and benefits also when registering a branch office.

What Are the Steps of Registering a Treaty of Amity Company?

Application Process for Startups

Once the initial preparation of documents has been completed, the registration process consists of four major steps:


Step 1: Company Registration

Registration of the company as a majority foreign entity.

Department of Business Development (DBD)

1 week


Step 2: Application for Amity Certification Letter

To obtain the certification letter, the applicant (the US director(s)/shareholder(s)) must first have their passport copy notarised at the US Embassy and then request for a certification letter. This letter issued by the US Commercial Services serves as validation of the company’s documents where all or majority of the shareholders and director(s) are either US or Thai nationals.

US Embassy in Thailand (or a notary public in the USA), US Commercial Services

1 week


Step 3: Application for the DBD Certificate under the Amity Treaty and a Foreign Business License

The company certification letter, company documents and application forms signed by the director are submitted to the DBD for an approval by the Ministry of Commerce. This step is followed by an application for the Foreign Business License.

DBD, Ministry of Commerce

1 month


Step 4: Immigration Matters

Securing visa and work permit for the foreign director and employees

Immigration & Labour Departments

2 weeks

The applying companies must meet the following requirements:
  • The US shareholder must posses no less than 50% of the shares (up to 100%)
  • Director(s) of an American-owned company under the Thailand – USA Treaty of Amity may be only Thai or US nationals
  • In case of multiple-director company and presence of both Thai and US nationals, the US director must possess greater power than the Thai director

Capital Requirements

Business activities not restricted under the Foreign Business Act require a capital investment of no less than 2 million THB. Activities that fall under protection of the Foreign Business Act will require a Foreign Business License and an investment of no less than 3 million THB for each business activity.

Do you need to evidence the injection of funds for the registered capital?

Treaty of Amity companies registered after 1999 are obliged to obtain a Foreign Business License and are thus required to have a starting capital of no less than 3M THB and no less than 25% of one-year average of the three-year operating expense forecast. However, under current regulations, newly established businesses have until 29th August 2024 to inject, bring or remit the required capital into Thailand.

How much does it cost to register a US-Treaty of Amity company in Thailand?

Companies interested in being registered under the Thai-US Treaty of Amity have to take into consideration professional legal and government fees for registering a foreign entity and acquiring the Foreign Business License. Our company registration service is priced competitively and provides businesses with excellent value for money.

Business Restrictions

Thailand restricts American operations and investment only in the following business activities:

  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Fiduciary functions
  • Banking involving depository functions
  • Exploitation of land and natural resources
  • Owning land
  • Domestic trade in agricultural products

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