E-commerce License

In this day and age, so many business owners are turning to the internet for the sale of their goods and services. E-commerce business allows lower investment and a wider range of customers globally, it is therefore trending amongst traders.

E-commerce business is also now legally recognised and protected in Thailand under the Electronics Transaction Act. This Act facilitates the use of electronic technology, and monitors the operations of businesses providing online services and having electronic transactions. The Thai Board of Investment is also currently promoting E-commerce business with several non-tax benefits offered to the promoted companies.

A business in Thailand operating one or more websites for the sale of their goods or services must apply for an E-commerce license. An application for the license can be submitted once the website is operational, and the required details from the website owner include:

  • Name of the website
  • Nature of the goods or services being sold on the website
  • The date on which the website starts/started operating (application should be made within 30 days from the start date)
  • Method of payment for the purchase
  • Document evidencing the domain name registration or certification document from the service provider (ISP or web host)