Non-Immigrant Business Visas

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The non-immigrant business visa must be obtained by all foreigners intending to conduct business, work, or undertake any business related activities in Thailand. It should be applied for at a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, prior to the foreigner entering Thailand. The initial non-immigrant business visa issued by the Embassies is generally valid for 90 days and is a single entry visa, which can be extended at the Thai Immigration Office once the foreigner obtains a work permit from the Thai Labour Department. However, some Embassies may issue the one-year multiple re-entry visa as from the initial application upon your request and at their discretion.

Overview of Thai Non-Immigrant Business Visas

90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa – Single-Entry 90 days
One-Year Non-Immigrant Visa – Multiple-Entry 365 days

General Requirements

When applying for the initial Thai Non-Immigrant Business Visa at an Embassy abroad, applicants must submit a number of documents prepared by the supporting company. The documents generally contain:

  • Passport with two empty pages and at least six months validity from the date of your intended arrival in Thailand
  • An invitation or confirmation letter to clarify the purpose of travel issued by the concerned organisation
  • Visa application fee (please check at your Embassy of choice)
  • Additional supporting document as may be requested by the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate
  • Evidence of adequate finance (not always applicable)
  • A pre-approval letter from the Labour Department to confirm employment of the applicant, depending on the foreigner’s nationality and the Embassy/Consulate at which the application is submitted

Application Process

  • Preparation of supporting company or other entity issued documents for the visa application
  • Submission of the prepared documents to the Thai Embassy/Consulate abroad (by mail or in person)
  • Payment of the visa application fees at the Embassy/Consulate
  • Review and processing of the visa application by the Consular officials (it may take 2 to 10 business days)

Please note that Thai Embassies observe holidays in Thailand, so it may be useful to check Thai calendar prior to arriving at the Embassy.

Thai One-Year Business Visa

The Thai one-year business visa will require you to report to the immigration office once every 90 days. Note that this reporting may also be done online now. If the visa is obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, the condition is that the foreigner must leave the country once every 90 days to obtain the exit-entry stamp affixed by the Thai immigration officials.

The company supporting your visa application must meet the requirements set forth by the Thai Immigration Department, and the responsible government authorities reserve the right to request for additional documentation.

Visa Extension

The business visa extension at Immigration Office in Thailand can be processed once you have a work permit, when your non-immigrant B visa has a validity of approximately 30 days remaining. The company must show a minimum of four full time employees registered for three months prior to the application for visa extension and an operational office. The previous year’s audit report and monthly tax filings for the past three months should be provided. Photographs of the office and staff will also be required to support the request for visa extension.

An alternative option for visa extension would be to apply at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country or country of residence depending on your nationality. If the visa is obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad, the condition is that the foreigner must leave the country once every 90 days to obtain the exit-entry stamp affixed by the Thai immigration officials.

Re-Entry Permit

Employee holding a work permit and appropriate visa is able to leave Thailand for whatever purpose at any time before the expiration of the visa’s validity. Before they do so, however, they need to get a re-entry permit that allows them to leave the country without invalidating their visa. Re-entry permit can be issued for a single occasion or unlimited use throughout one year. Failing to obtain this permit will invalidate the foreigner’s visa, meaning that they would have to repeat the whole process of visa application from the beginning.

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