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Reside & Work in Thailand Legally

Other Non-Immigrant Visas

Foreigners who intend to reside in Thailand for a longer term should apply for a Non-immigrant visa, in the category suitable for the purpose of their stay. The initial visas obtained from the Thai Embassy abroad is valid for 90 days, can be extended at the immigration office in Thailand and are thereafter renewable annually. An existing tourist visa with sufficient validity may also be converted to a Non-immigrant visa at the immigration office if the supporting documents are in order.

Overview of Non-Immigrant Visa Categories in Thailand

Diplomatic and consular servicesD
Study or observationED
Official dutiesF
Capital investmentIM
Performance of duties with the mass mediaM
Other categories – accompanying family of those who hold another type of Non-Immigrant visa, to perform work for social welfare organisations, to be a witness in a judicial process, etc.O
Missionary work or other religious activitiesR
Scientific research or training or teaching in a research instituteRS
Performance of skilled or expert workEX

Apart from the business visa, the most common forms of visa application processes which we assist with include:

Marriage Visa – O

The conditions for this visa are that you must be legally married to a Thai national, and able to evidence a minimum amount of 400,000 THB in your personal bank account in Thailand, or having an ongoing monthly income of no less than 40,000 THB. If you are married to a Thai national or have a Thai child, you may also apply for your work permit based on this visa (in place of the business visa).

Retirement Visa – O

To be eligible for this visa, you must be at least 50 years old, satisfy basic health, criminal and character checks, and are not employed or working in Thailand. The financial condition for this visa is that you must be able to evidence no less than 800,000 THB in your bank account in Thailand, or have an ongoing source of monthly income or pension at no less than 65,000 THB which can be evidenced through a letter from your Embassy in Thailand.

Dependant Visa – O

If your spouse or family member will be accompanying you to reside in Thailand, they should obtain a dependent visa once your business visa and work permit are issued. Supporting documents include evidence of relationship such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, of which Thai translations should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Guardian Visa – O

If you have a child under the age of 20 studying in Thailand, you may apply for a guardian visa in which case you must present a letter from the child’s school, a birth certificate to confirm your relationship with the child, and evidence a deposit of 500,000 THB in your personal bank account in Thailand.

Investment Visa – O

Foreigners making an investment in Thailand with a value of at least 10 million THB are eligible for the investment visa under the conditions prescribed by the immigration regulations. The applicant should be able to evidence the said amount being transferred to their bank account in Thailand, and provide official documents for the investment.

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