Last Will and Testament

Since certain situations are not in our control and death may occur unexpectedly, it is very important to ensure that the assets acquired through the course of your life is allotted to the appropriate persons upon your demise. This can be done by preparing a Last Will and Testament for the assets, properties, bank accounts, etc. that you have in Thailand, and should be made in both English and Thai languages. The Will should be made in English (or another foreign language) so that you clearly understand that content, and in Thai language so that it may be enforced in the courts of Thailand. For properties located outside of Thailand, please refer to the laws in the responsible jurisdictions.

The Last Will and Testament should list all your assets during the time of signing the document, the individual(s) who will be appointed as your legal executor, the beneficiaries and how the assets should be allotted between the beneficiaries, and should bear the signature of two witnesses in front of whom you sign the document.

Umpire Legal can assist you in drafting your Last Will and Testament in both Thai and English languages, so that your legal executor will not have to go through the hassle of having the document translated to Thai language before taking it to court. If the legal executor you appoint is uncertain about how to proceed upon your passing, they are also welcome to contact us for assistance.