Divorce in Thailand

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Are you considering a separation from your spouse, or has your spouse abandoned you? Whether you and your spouse have mutual intention to file for a divorce or you are trying to reach a settlement, the lawyers at Umpire Legal can support you through this tedious time.

We can represent you in negotiating divorce settlement matters such as division of marital properties, child custody, and child support, as well as in drafting an agreement to reflect the settlement. We also offer the service of accompanying you to the district office to register the divorce in case of an uncontested divorce.

Types of Divorce in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand recognises two main types of divorce:

Uncontested Divorce

This type of divorce, also commonly referred to as the administrative divorce, is a separation where both partners give consent to end the marriage. No specific ground to sever the marriage is required by the District Office. It is the preferred way of ending marriage for most couples, but note that both partners must be physically present when submitting the application. The costs of uncontested divorce are relatively low, the separation process has fewer conflicts and obstacles, and may be concluded through the registration process in just one day.

Contested Divorce

Contrary to the uncontested divorce, contested divorce takes place at the court, which will grant divorce only on serious legal grounds. Those can be adultery, doing physical or mental harm to the other partner, abandonment, mental illness or disagreements on child custody to name a few. This type of divorce is usually requested by one party and further help with resolution is required from the court. However, costs involved in contested divorce are usually much higher than in its counterpart.

Whatever your family situation may be, lawyers at Umpire Legal can guide you through the entire process so that you can end your relationship gracefully and with as few complications as possible.