Legal Documents Translation in Thailand

Legal Documents Translation in Thailand | Umpire Legal | Photo credit

Are you in need of having your contracts, agreements, or documents translated from Thai to English or vice-versa? Whether for reference purposes, clarification in the document content, or use of the translated documents in legal procedures, to get your official and legal documents translated accurately and correctly is a must.

At Umpire Legal, our translation expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Legal contracts translation
  • Agreements translation
  • Official documents translation
  • Notarised translations
  • Certification of translations by relevant authorities (such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Dependable and Accurate Translation Service

As the legal system varies from country to country, legal documents in Thai language may not be recognized in particular countries and therefore need to be translated to a global language which would allow an understanding of the content for all parties involved. Umpire Legal will ensure that you would not be receiving just a word by word of the legal document translation which may cause misunderstanding in the interpretation. As our team has a strong legal background, our translation service will be clearly understandable with correct and accurate information derived from your document. The meaning or context will not change or allow opportunity for a misunderstanding.

Our legal team offers translation services in Thailand, specifically in Bangkok, for legal and official documents in Thai and English languages. Our fees for the service can be determined upon receiving a copy of the document and information about your requirements. Additionally, we understand that the nature of legal documents is particularly sensitive and therefore treat all translations with utmost confidentiality.

Do note, however, that Umpire Legal is a legal service provider and not a translation office. The translation we prepare could be for the purpose of your understanding of the content, for official purposes in or outside of Thailand, as may be requested by your legal counterpart or as required by government authorities.

Additional Services

You can also choose to have the translated document notarised by our Notarial Services Attorney as an additional service. If the document is intended for official purposes in Thailand, such as for your marriage registration, we can also provide the service of having the translation prepared and certified by the Consular services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please contact Umpire Legal today if you are looking for professional and quick services to have your legal documents translated in Thailand.