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Marriage Registration in Thailand

Are you looking to register your marriage in Thailand, have a prenuptial agreement drafted prior to your marriage, or do you have some questions about eligibility, requirements and procedures for marriage registration under Thai law? It is important to seek the advice and assistance of an experienced legal counsel who is familiar with the requirements and procedures to ensure that your marriage registration process begins smoothly.

Thai Marriage Registration Process

The process of getting married in Thailand is quite straightforward. It can be done at any local District Office, and completed within a day. However, foreigners registering their marriage in Thailand will be required to prepare their personal documentation and request their respective Embassies in Thailand to issue a letter to certify that they are single and eligible for marriage, and provide details of their income. All documents in a foreign language must be translated to Thai language and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your prenuptial agreement (if any) must be submitted to the District Office at the same time as when registering your marriage.

Step 1: General Eligibility Criteria

  • Both partners must be 17 years old or older. Furthermore, they must also be of minimum age that their country of origin prescribes as appropriate for getting married.
  • Both partners must act so based on their own judgement and must be of sound mind
  • Both partners cannot be related by blood, i.e. cousins, close relatives and others
  • Both partners should not have the same adoptive parents
  • Both partners have to be single at the time of marriage

Step 2: Preparation of Required Paperwork

Thai Nationals

  • ID card
  • House Registration Book (“Thabian Baan”)
  • Documents regarding previous marriages (if applicable)


  • Passport copy altogether with the arrival card
  • Embassy-issued affidavit serving as a proof of marital status
  • Translated copy of the above into Thai language and further certified by an approved Ministry of Foreign Affairs translator

Step 3: Marriage Registration

After completing the above-mentioned steps, the couple can proceed with the marriage registration and take each other as lawful partners. The application for marriage registration can be submitted at any District Office throughout Thailand, regardless of the birthplace of the couple.

Let us take on the responsibility of preparing your documents while you focus on planning for your big day. We will make sure you will be able to arrive at the District Office all prepared and ready to take one of your biggest steps in life.

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