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Power of Attorney

If you need a Power of Attorney document in Thailand to authorize another individual to manage your business, finances, properties, assets or execute a deal on your behalf either during your absence in Thailand or just because you do not wish to carry out the deal by yourself, we can expertly assist in drafting the Power of Attorney to suit your requirements.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a written letter to authorise another person to represent you in making decisions or carrying out actions that you are unable to do so at a certain time due to unavailability or inconvenience. Whether you intend to give authority to someone for a short term, within a specific scope, or to manage an entire business on your behalf through the Power of Attorney in Thailand, Umpire Legal can provide consultation and assist in drafting the Power of Attorney for you.

A Power of Attorney in Thailand will need to be signed by the Principal and the Attorney-in-fact in the presence of witnesses or a Notarial Services Attorney, in which case the signatures on the Power of Attorney can also be notarized by the Notarial Services Attorney. A Power of Attorney in Thailand must also bear duty stamps in the required amount, in order for it to be considered as a valid document to be used for official purposes.

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