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Property Law

At Umpire Legal, we offer a range of professional legal services related to properties in Thailand.

Title Deed Search

A title deed search is very important prior to purchasing a property in Thailand. It will allow you to ensure that the seller or developer has ownership rights, the property is free from encumbrances, the property has proper documentation, the percentage of foreigner ownership in a building does not exceed the legally permitted 49%, and so forth. Through the title deed search, we will carry out basic due diligence and check the above mentioned details of the property with the responsible Land Office and relevant authorities.

Drafting and Reviewing of Contracts

If you are a property owner, or you have found a property you are interested in, either for the purpose of purchasing, leasing, or taking a different form of temporary ownership on, there may be certain negotiations that you will want to make with the other party. Our experienced lawyers can assist you in reviewing or drafting contracts concerning such properties to ensure that your interest is protected and that the agreement and contracts are in compliance with the related Thai laws.

Set Up of Property Transfer

Set Up of property transfer is done at the land office responsible for the district in which the property is located. Whether or not you are purchasing a property or condominium unit directly from a developer, it is advised that you should have a professional legal guide to represent you with the transfer at the land office. Our lawyers will accompany you to the responsible land office to ensure that the transfer is carried out smoothly and will try to resolve any unexpected interruptions that may occur.

Set Up of a Lease, Usufruct or Superficies

For a lease that is longer than a period of three years, the lease must be registered with the responsible land department. The maximum duration of a lease permitted is at 30 years. In the same way as registering the transfer of property, we can also assist in registering a lease, usufruct or superficies at the responsible land office where the property is located.

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