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Import/Export (Paperless) License

If your company is involved in the business of import/export, or the nature of your business requires you to import/export certain products in/out of Thailand, you should register for the (paperless) import license/export license with the Customs Department. Through this set up, your company would be added to the online system of the Customs Department so that the goods may go through Customs directly under your company’s name.

Prerequisites to Obtaining the Import License/Export License

In order to qualify for a paperless import/export license, your business must have a corporate bank account and be registered for VAT with the Revenue Department prior to making this application. This process can be completed within one day with the use of the authorised director’s signature on the government forms and the original passport.

Need for Additional Licenses

Besides one of the main benefit of an import/export company (100% foreign ownership), this type of business is also attractive because of the lack of overarching laws regulating the export of goods. However, Thai law does place restrictions on the import of specific goods, which means that additional licenses for import or export may be required. Depending on the nature of products, different government authorities are involved in issuing appropriate licenses.

For example, Department of Foreign Trade is the responsible authority for the import of unfinished clothing parts, used motor vehicles and used motorcycles and intaglio printing machines or colour copy machines. On the other hand, Food and Drug Administration oversees the import of food items, drugs, chemicals and pharmaceutical products while the Ministry of Finance rules over the import of gold.

Please let us know what goods you are trading in, so that we can check on the responsible government authorities with whom the additional licenses should be requested.

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