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School License

In order to operate any form of teaching institute in Thailand, a school license must first be acquired. Additionally, majority of the shareholders in the company must be Thai, the director and manager or so-called school principal must be a Thai national (can be the same individual), at least 20 years of age, must hold a bachelor degree or higher, and should not be working simultaneously in another school or teaching institute.

School Principal

We will need the following documents concerning the school director/principal:

  • Letter of appointment of the manager
  • Employment contract between the manager and institute/company
  • Copy of educational certificate no less than a bachelor’s degree
  • Certification letter showing work experience in the field for at least one year along with company affidavit of the institute of previous employment
  • Copy of ID card and house registration
  • Medical certificate no older than one month
  • Three recent photographs taken within the last six months

Building Specifications

School license-eligible building used for the institute must be approved with Aor 6 license and purpose must be specified for education. Additional information required include:

  • Name, type and objectives of the school
  • Location, floor-plan and buildings
  • Course outline in detail (format provided by Ministry of Education), teaching methods, and evaluation and assessment methods – all documents should be translated to Thai language for consideration of the application

  • Calculation of study fees and other fees
  • Logo of the institute
  • Regulations
  • Maximum number of students to be accepted at a time
  • Floor area to be used as part of the school
  • Number of classrooms, their sizes and the number of students each classroom can accommodate

Consideration Duration

Upon meeting the requirements, an application can be submitted at the Ministry of Education for which the consideration takes approximately 90 days. The application for a school license to operate the teaching institute can be submitted to the Ministry of Education as soon as the company has been incorporated. Contact us for more information.

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