Minutes of Meeting and Newspaper Announcement

But why? – This question must’ve popped up for you at some point.
The answer to this is to make the information known to those who have a direct interest
related to the Company matters which may include directors, shareholders, or even the
general public as per section 1175 of the Civil and Commercial Code.
The announcement may be related to General resolutions or Special resolutions. Below
are the key points which may require the Company to comply with this process:
–      Approve Financial Statement
–      Payment of Dividends
–      Change of Director
–      Increase or Decrease Capital
–      Change Company Objectives
–      Liquidate Company
22nd April is a mandatory date. This, however, is not a fact but a myth.
Upon the end of a company’s financial year, a Company needs to publish a Newspaper
Announcement to approve financial statements.
Most Companies have their end of the financial year on the 31st of December and
according to the Thai law, a Meeting must be held within 4 months from the said date and
an Announcement must be made 7 days prior to the Meeting- the 22nd of April being
the last date for this process.
Failure to comply may result in a fine- which you may want to avoid. This means you can
and should publish it before you’re on the edge!
Note: For the end of the financial year on a different date, the publishing date shall be
calculated accordingly.
Smaller companies with more internal structure and private settings as a limited
partnership with limited Directors may not be required to go through this process due to
their ability to communicate agendas within the company itself, not required to be known
by other external parties.
How to publish?

This being a sensitive matter, you will be required to comply within specified time frames
from the very first steps in order to complete the last steps in compliance, safely and
Should you want us to handle matters for you, here is what we will do – first of all, we start
with calling the meeting (EGM/AGM) by making a newspaper publication and sending
letters to the shareholders- whereby the meeting should be called either 7 or 14 days prior
to the meeting date- depending on the agenda of the meeting.
We then assist you in preparing a Minutes of Meeting, in a template as required. The
publication is done online, for a small fee based on the rates of the newspaper agency.
Please note, that we will be required to review the matters and requirements prior to the