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Accounting Services in Bangkok, Thailand

Professional Accounting Services for SMEs

Aside from the legal services offered by Umpire Legal, we are also able to assist you with accounting matters to ensure compliance under the regulations of the Thai Revenue Department – making us a one-stop legal and accounting solution for all your business needs.

What we offer

Outsourcing your accounting to us allows you to focus on your business – to work on what you do best. Let us worry about the accounting matters. All you would have to do is send us your tax-related documents each month, and we will proceed to calculate your taxes and file the necessary forms with the Revenue Department for your company. We offer a no-obligation accounting service, and all communication between you and our team will be in English, unless Thai language is required and/or preferred.

We are able to assist with:

  • Monthly VAT, withholding tax (WHT) filings with the Revenue Department and social security (SSF) filings with the Social Security Office
  • Maintenance and recording of VAT input/output
  • Consultation in matters related to monthly and annual filing obligations
  • Calculation of taxes and social security for salary deductions
  • Addition/removal of employees from the company’s system
  • Half-year reporting for your company
  • Year-end reporting (annual financial reporting), whereby we assist with the bookkeeping, which we have audited by an external auditor before submitting to the Department of Business Development and Revenue Department
  • Calculation and filing of your personal income tax returns (PND 91)
  • Annual Workmen’s Compensation Fund submissions, including Kortor 20 and Kortor 26
  • Board of Directors meeting minutes for bank account opening and/or changes to your current bank account(s), such as requesting internet banking access, reporting a change of company address, etc.
We typically provide Thai accounting services to businesses with up to 25 transactions per month but may be able to accommodate more depending on your requirements. If your company has received investment promotion from the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), you will also be pleased to learn that we provide accounting services for BOI companies. Feel free to send us a message through the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly with a quotation or accounting proposal tailored to suit your business needs.

Using us for both legal and accounting services means we can warn you if any potential changes on the accounting side will affect the legal side of the business. For example, if you intend to replace an employee at some point but end up with one employee less than is sufficient to sponsor your visa extension, then the result could mean having to apply for a new visa only once you’ve got four employees registered for a period of three months. That wouldn’t be ideal in most circumstances, and would likely disrupt your business plans. That’s why it’s worth using Umpire Legal for both your accounting and legal requirements. We are a one-stop solution for your business – and will assist in ensuring that you are fully compliant under the Thai legal system so you can focus on growing your business.

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Accounting Services in Bangkok

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